For [ profile] licenseartistic - April 07 - Picture Prompt - Time Masks

Jun. 4th, 2007 01:59 am
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Title / Prompt: Picture prompt - Purple time masks by [ profile] selenak

Character: Jack Harkness
Warnings: just general creepiness
Pairings: none
Your character's fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood
Word count: 267 per MSWord
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the situation. If I did, he'd have come in much earlier...
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They're actually quite a work of art, the clockwork robots that perform so many duties on 51st century ships. When he's being objective about the whole thing, he marvels at the workmanship that goes into creating a mechanism so complex and still perfectly timed.

But sometime in the past few decades, people started dressing them up, and he finds something disturbing in that. They're not human -- they're not even capable of the more complex reasoning that advanced computers can perform. So why gussy them up in fancy dress and show them off like some kind of rich man's livery?

He can understand on the more expensive ships, when some rich owner is showing off his vast sums of money by prettying up everything including his staff and his maintenance robots. But even then, it leaves him cold.

There's just something disturbing about a mechanical man, ticking around in clockwork perfection, wearing the costume of a living being. Even the ones who wear masquerade masks are disturbing to him, and this pair, in their velvet finery and Dali-esque clock faces, each one showing half of a split timepiece -- he shudders to look at them, something in the back of his mind crying out that this perversion of Time should not be. It's not rational, it's a silly thing to be unsettled by, and he knows without a doubt that it really is just him. Because Jack would rather that time paradoxes sorted themselves out neatly, and that the sense of deja vu that he feels every day at the Time Agency would go far, far away...


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