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Name:Jack Harkness
Birthdate:Jun 1
In a past life I was... an intergalactic conman with an issue or two, travelling in a big blue box called the TARDIS with a lass named Rose and a bloke named the Doctor. A lover and a fighter, who used to work for the Time Agency. After they screwed me over I became a conman to get back at them when I wasn't being a hero and helping the Doctor save the world....again.

I was -- and still am... a 51st Century guy who's fond of dancing. And dancing...

Then I gave my life helping the Doctor save the world from the Daleks. I died, but I was brought back. It took a long time to get back to some place where I might run into the Doctor again, but I did it. Let's just not go into the details of how I did, and it'll be all right.

Now I run the Cardiff branch of Torchwood, and try to keep the worst of what comes through the Rift from falling into the wrong hands. The 21st Century is when everything changes and you've got to be ready -- too bad we've got such a long way to go...

This LJ WILL contain adult material. If that offends you, go away. Now.

This LJ is for writing in [info]licenseartistic and RP. I do not own the characters of Doctor Who, and am just playing with them. I'll give them back when done. You may need to bathe them, though.

FYI, I will NOT be using the info from the semi-official website for (we're assuming it's) Jack's background UNLESS they make it official and mention it in the show. I prefer the 'he's been living linearly through this entire time' view, because it makes some things that much harder on him. I also have a bit of an issue with 'non-canon canon' material, so until it becomes true canon (as in it's aired in the show) it's not valid to me. Unless I want it to be.

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