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Fucker's still out there, isn't he...
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Yes, goddamn it, it's our fault!
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I'm fully expecting to be Jossed in the worst way tomorrow (later today...), so I'm getting this out there now.

Spoilers for everything up to the last two episodes )
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He's never believed in the notion that coworkers and supervisors can't exchange gifts -- just because someone gives him something pretty doesn't mean he'll treat them any differently. And giving gifts to his team makes him happy. After all, his access to certain antiques isn't as difficult as some might think, all things considered, and he loves seeing the looks on their faces when they see them.

So, early in the morning, he carefully wraps the presents, and leaves them on desks before anyone shows up (it takes a bit, considering how early Ianto tends to get in). For [ profile] toshtorchwood, an elegant art deco perfume bottle. For [ profile] so_welsh, a classy art deco wall pocket. He takes pity on Owen, and decides that he might appreciate an antique surgical set -- with the strict instructions NOT to use it on any of the team, and for [ profile] emo_and_coffee, he decides on a Victorian piece -- an interesting blue handled amber tankard.

Then he heads out to shop for the Doctor, hoping to find that special something, even if he has no idea what that special something might be.


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