Jan. 30th, 2007

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Title: Alone in the Rain
Song: "Raining In Baltimore" by the Counting Crows
Character: Jack Harkness
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Jack/Ninth Doctor
Fandom(s): Doctor Who/Torchwood
Disclaimer: He's not mine -- if he was, he'd have joined the Ninth Doctor earlier, and they'd all still be around.
Author's Note: 336 words. Jack's a tad moody...

He stands atop the building again, looking out over Cardiff. It's cold and rainy, the wind blowing the raindrops against his cheek and his coat billowing out behind him. Anyone seeing him up there would probably think he was going to jump, and he won't deny the thought has crossed his mind.

Except that he's already tried that and all it succeeded in doing was breaking his body sufficiently that when he revived it hurt like hell. Physical pain may take away the other pain, but honestly, all that did was just hurt. Not one of the better ways to go...

He sighs again, water dripping into his eyes now; shakes back his hair and peers into the grey and roiling clouds. He used to be able to find companionship wherever he wanted -- in a city the size of Cardiff it should be easy. But despite the clubbing and the one night stands, none of it satisfies any more. Ever since he lost him, it's all been wrong.

It's been a long and lonely road, but he's stuck with it all in the hopes of one thing -- and the only time it happened so far he couldn't even let himself go out and see him, because he was already there. Crossing one's own timeline is just asking for trouble, and he had to watch the whole damned thing from down in the Hub, half mad with despair by the time the TARDIS left again. It was a bad time, and he's still surprised to this day that Susie hadn't discovered his secrets then...

But the Doctor doesn't seem inclined to return to the Rift -- maybe the TARDIS doesn't need recharging any more. Maybe he's figured out how to fix her up right and he won't ever come back again. But Jack clings desperately to the hope that he will -- he needs to see him; needs to talk to him. He needs the right kind of Doctor to save him from this emptiness.


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